Season 3

Season 3 Contestants Roster

S3E1: “Because Ben Said So!” w/Milan Harrison

S3E2: “Shark in Your Backpack!” w/Sean Nasuti

S3E3: “What Do You Do With An English Degree?” w/Stanford Clark

S3E4: “I Feel I Can Picture the Minions Screaming That!” w/Kajsa Forden

S3E5: “I’m Wearing Figment Today!” w/Amanda Sorrento

S3E6: “There’s Tangled Stuff Everywhere in my House!” w/Becky Ginther

S3E7: “I’m More of a Fan of Zany Batman!” w/AJ Howell

S3E8: “I Review the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!” w/Wes Troop

S3E9: “I’m Back With a Vengeance!” w/BlackCriticGuy

S3E10: “Rock-a-Doodle is #1 Bad On My List!” w/Eli Sanza

Round 1 Results

S3E11: “I’m Glad I Stored That Away!” w/Eli Sanza

S3E12: “So You’re Telling Us To Plagiarize, Basically?” w/Wes Troop

S3E13: “Gosh, I Can’t Believe This Is a Movie!” w/Becky Ginther

S3E14: “I Thought I Was Going Crazy!” w/AJ Howell

Season 3 Results