Season 5

Season 5 Contestants Roster

S5E1: Return of the PBS Shows! w/Stanford Clark

S5E2: Was It Mononoke? w/Jonathan North

S5E3: Being Daring! w/Paul Astell

S5E4: Randy Jackson?! w/Chelsea Robson

S5E5: Disagreeing Over Fixer Upper! w/Brian Crawford

S5E6: Discussing the Disney Cheapquels! w/Wes Troop

S5E7: At Least It’s Better than The Smurfs! w/LCScreenTalk

S5E8: Regrets Not Watching The Emoji Movie! w/Olaf Lesniak

S5E9: Gotta Trust That Gut! w/Andrew Garrison

S5E10: All the Mediocrity Shines Through Brighter! w/Eli Sanza

Round 1 Results

S5E11: The Hardest Quiz Show on the Internet? w/Chelsea Robson

S5E12: Scooby-Doo Villains Trivia! w/Olaf Lesniak

S5E13: She’s Still Alive?! w/Jonathan North

S5E14: Excelsior! w/Paul Astell

S5E15: Wait, You’re Not Spider-Man, Are You? w/Andrew Garrison