93rd Academy Awards Results!

Well, the (third time in a row) hostless 93rd Academy Awards have come and went! Not to mention that this was the first Academy Awards ceremony during the COVID pandemic.

My score this year was 15/23. (Since they’ve merged the Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing categories, there are now only 23 categories rather than 24.) My record still stands at 17/24!

In terms of animation, Soul won Best Animated Feature and If Anything Happens I Love You won Best Animated Short.

For a list of the other winners, click here.

My 93rd Academy Awards Predictions!

Yep, the “Pandemic Oscars” will go on! Below are my predictions for the 93rd Academy Awards! The ones that I think SHOULD win will be in RED, the ones that I think WILL win will be in BLUE, and if they’re both the same, they will be both RED AND BLUE. I have left my picks for Best Animated FeatureBest Supporting ActorBest Supporting ActressBest ActorBest Actress, and Best Picture for the end. Let me know your thoughts!

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My Top 13 Favorite Nancy Drew PC Games

One subject I haven’t really talked about on this channel is that of computer and video games. While I don’t consider myself a “gamer” as I don’t think I’m well-versed or well-experienced enough to do so, computer games have been a part of my life ever since I was a child. I’ve never owned a gaming console (besides a Game Boy Advance which I only had one game for), so my familiarity is strictly on the PC platform.

The genre of computer games I’ve played mostly are point-and-click games and one of my favorite series of this genre is the Nancy Drew series produced by HeR Interactive. The series comprises 33 games from 1998 to the present and provided the market with quality computer games targeted towards girls. In each game, you play as the titular detective trying to solve a mystery all the while conversing with unique characters, exploring interesting locations, and solving a plethora of puzzles.

I’ve recently marathoned all the games again and I’d like to share with you my top 13 favorite games of the series. Keep in mind there will be mild spoilers ahead. Otherwise, enjoy!

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