‘WWTBAM-Animation Edition’ Season 9 Contestants Roster

It’s that time again! Time for a brand-new season of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games, Season 9, to be precise!

The expert this season will be animation history buff, movie fan, and Season 8 winner, Stanford Clark (Animation Fascination, Movies Past and Present)!

This season’s contestants are listed below alphabetically by first name, not necessarily by order of appearance:

  1. Brian Albert (Balbert Animation)
  2. Cali (The Great Disney Movie Ride)
  3. Eli Sanza (Entertainment Junkie Blog)
  4. Jonathan North (I Heart Movies)
  5. Rachel Wagner (Rachel’s Reviews)
  6. Samantha Cooper (Scoop’s Animation Corner)
  7. Sean Nasuti (Rhode Island Movie Corner)
  8. Tiarah (It’s Just Me, Ti!)
  9. Wes Troop (The A-List Review)
  10. Wyatt (Disney Reel to Reel)


It’s been no secret that my most anticipated animated film of the year was The Super Mario Bros. Movie! While I’m no scholar of the Mario universe, I, like most people, am familiar enough with the characters due to playing multiple Mario-related games. So, I decided to treat myself to watch this one not only in the theaters, but in 3D as well! What did I think? Read on to find out!

(Caution, there will be mild spoilers!)

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My Top 13 Favorite ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Songs!

I didn’t grow up with Schoolhouse Rock!, but was vaguely aware of it as a kid. I knew it was an assortment of educational songs, but I didn’t know much more about it until the song, I’m Just a Bill, gained some viral popularity in later YouTube years.

It was only when fellow blogger Eli Sanza made a post about Schoolhouse Rock! did I decide to give the shorts a viewing as most were available to watch on Disney+. I’m happy to announce that I became a fan of the shorts! I loved what they did trying to teach principles of math, science, grammar, etc. via catchy tunes and while not every short was a hit, I did overall enjoy the series!

And serendipitously, this year happens to be the 50th anniversary of the series, so in honor of that, let’s take a look at my top 13 favorite Schoolhouse Rock! songs! Enjoy! Continue reading “My Top 13 Favorite ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Songs!”

My Thoughts: LUCK (2022)

Skydance Animation is one of the newest animation studios on the block. Having been formed recently, it gained some controversy after hiring the recently ousted John Lasseter as its Head of Animation due to his sexual misconduct allegations at Pixar. This move even prompted actress Emma Thompson dropping out of the film, Luck.

Controversy aside, I finally saw Luck and what did I think of it? Read on to find out!

(Caution, there will be mild spoilers!)

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My Thoughts: PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH (2022)

I enjoyed the first Puss in Boots film. It wasn’t anything amazing, but it was definitely my favorite film in the Shrek universe as I’m not really a fan of the Shrek films.

And I had known that a sequel to the film had been in development for a while. I remember when it was going to be called Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves. Having not heard anything for a while, I thought the film would just be cancelled altogether. But somewhat out of nowhere, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish was scheduled to be released in 2022.

I knew that I wanted to see it, but was in no rush to until critic reviews started coming in. Multiple film reviewers I follow listed this as not just their favorite animated film of the year, but also one of their favorite films of the year! My curiosities were piqued, so I decided to check this film out in the theaters (something I don’t do often) and…I’m so glad that I did!

(Caution, there will be mild spoilers!)

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Upcoming Animated Films in 2023

It’s that time of year again! 2022 is coming to a close and 2023 will soon be upon us! Let’s take a look at the upcoming animated films set to be released in 2023.

Keep in mind that I’ll only be mentioning theatrical and streaming films with set (US) release dates and that I won’t be mentioning any live-action/animated hybrid films.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this list with me!

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My Thoughts: PINOCCHIO (2022)


After Disney’s live-action remake of Pinocchio disappointed everybody

And this being the only other Pinocchio adaptation this year…

it’s nice to say that there’s one good adaptation of Pinocchio released in 2022!

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this stop-motion animated film has been in the making for years, even getting stuck in development hell. But it’s finally completed to the joy of every animation fan who’s been dying to see it!

Read on for my thoughts on the film!
(Caution, there will be some spoilers!)

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Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a story that I enjoy very much and I like to check out as many adaptations of it as I can and oh boy, there are a lot! There are silent versions, live-action versions, animated versions, musical versions, etc. One of my favorite adaptations is the live-action 1970 musical film, Scrooge, starring Albert Finney as the stingy, curmudgeonly Ebenezer Scrooge.

I thought the songs (by Leslie Bricusse) were mostly well-written, the acting was wonderful, and the overall film was delightful. I was surprised to discover that an animated remake of the film would be coming to Netflix entitled Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.

What did I think of this animated remake directed by Stephen Donnelly? Read on to find out!
(Caution, there will be spoilers!)

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WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 8 Results

Sadly, Season 8 of my WWTBAM-Animation Edition games has come to an end! This was another season wherein there wasn’t a Round 2 because Stanford Clark won the season by getting the million-point question correct! His prize was a $100 Amazon gift card.

I wanna thank all the contestants who participated in this season as well as a special thank you to Skyler Shuler, our designated “Expert” this season. I also would like to thank all of you who watched and enjoyed these episodes!

Until next time, here are the final scores of the season:

Stanford Clark (1,000,000 pts)

Paul Astell (250,000 pts)

Jonathan North (125,000 pts)

Zora Catone (32,000 pts)

Dariush Asadi (32,000 pts)

Andrew Garrison (32,000 pts)

Sean Nasuti (32,000 pts)

Tiarah (32,000 pts)

Brian Crawford (32,000 pts)

Brian Albert (20,000 pts)

WWTBAM-Animation Edition S8E10: Disneyland Remodeling! w/Tiarah

We’ve arrived at the final episode of Season 8 with newcomer, Disney Cast Member, and animation lover, Tiarah, trying her hand at winning the million! Do we end Season 8 with two millionaires? Watch to find out!

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