Season 4

Season 4 Contestants Roster

S4E1: I Want ‘An American Tail: The Musical’! w/Jonathan North

S4E2: I was Roxanne for Halloween Last Year! w/Amanda Sorrento

S4E3: Everything’s Randomized! w/Tommy T (The Dis Quiz)

S4E4: My Heart Has Goosebumps! w/Skyler Shuler (Disney Film Facts)

S4E5: Live-Action Disney Bonding! w/Brian Crawford

S4E6: Pacino or De Niro? w/Ben Daniels

S4E7: Tinker Bell is a Murderous Pixie! w/Andrew Garrison

S4E8: The Fate of the Games Lies on the Flip of a Coin! w/Zora Catone

S4E9: Kaguya or Nah? w/Milan Harrison

S4E10: Was It a Scottish Accent or an Irish Accent? w/Jonathan Pouliot

Round 1 Results

S4E11: You Can Learn a Lot on This Show! w/Milan Harrison

S4E12: Britain Has a Lot of Sports! w/Ben Daniels

S4E13: The Secret of NIMH, The Secret of IHOP, The Secret of Ichiro, Oh My! w/Amanda Sorrento

S4E14: Fallibilism is a Hard Word for Kids! w/Skyler Shuler (Disney Film Facts)

S4E15: Never Doubt the Coin Toss! w/Zora Catone