‘WWTBAM-Animation Edition’ Season 7 Contestants Roster

It’s that time of year again! Time for another season of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition ,Season 7 to be precise! I shall be commencing during the first week of August, so keep an eye out for the forthcoming games!

The expert this season will be film blogger, animation lover, and Season 6 winner, Sean Nasuti, from the blog, Rhode Island Movie Corner!

This season’s contestants are listed below alphabetically by first name, not necessarily by order of appearance:

  1. Ameer Matani (MovieMation, @movie_mation)
  2. Andrew Garrison (The Movie Guy and Friends, @The MovieGuy14)
  3. Brian Crawford (@keepingwaltindisney)
  4. Cali (The Great Disney Movie Ride)
  5. Conrado Falco (Coco Hits New York, @CocoHitsNY)
  6. Dariush Asadi (Dariush Asadi, @dariushasadiyt)
  7. Paul Astell (Feeling Animated)
  8. Skyler Shuler (The DisInsider, @TheDisInsider, @SkylerShuler)
  9. Tommy T (The Dis Quiz, @thedisquiz)
  10. Zora Catone (Zora Catone)