Season 6

Season 6 Contestants Roster

S6E1: Two Trivia Masterminds! w/Tommy T (The Dis Quiz)

S6E2: No PBS This Time! w/Stanford Clark

S6E3: Trolls World Tour is Just Avengers: Endgame Done Badly! w/Wes Troop

S6E4: Gummi Bears to the Rescue! w/Eli Sanza

S6E5: HTTYD Shaming! w/Sean Nasuti

S6E6: No Flintstones This Time! w/Rachel Wagner

S6E7: The Gas Leak Year! w/Ben Daniels


S6E9: Names, Names, Everywhere! w/Ameer Matani (MovieMation)

S6E10: Sgt. Stubby Victory Party? w/Conrado Falco

Round 1 Results

S6E11: Respectfully Disagreeing! w/Eli Sanza

S6E12: So Many Disney Questions! w/Rachel Wagner

S6E13: Don Bluth Everywhere! w/Sean Nasuti

S6E14: Pudding Proof! w/Stanford Clark

S6E15: Sixth Time’s the Charm? w/Ben Daniels

Season 6 Results