Season 6 Results

Hello, readers! Season 6 of my WWTBAM-Animation Edition games has sadly come to an end! Nobody made it to the million, but Sean Nasuti won the season by having the highest combined score from both rounds: 375000 pts! His prize was a $25 Amazon gift card.

I wanna thank all the contestants who participated in this season as well as a special thank you to Andrew Garrison, our designated “Expert” this season. I also would like to thank all of you who watched and enjoyed these episodes!

Here are the final scores of the season:

Sean Nasuti (375000 pts)

Stanford Clark (282000 pts)

Ben Daniels (282000 pts)

Eli Sanza (157000 pts)

Rachel Wagner (126000 pts)

Wes Troop (64000 pts)

Cali (32000 pts)

Conrado Falco (32000 pts)

Tommy T (20000 pts)

Ameer Matani (1000 pts)

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