‘WWTBAM-Animation Edition’ 2nd Season Announced! + Contestants Needed!


Well, everyone, it’s back! If you enjoyed my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games that I did last year, you’ll be happy to know that I’ll be doing a 2nd season of these games starting late August/early September. (If you didn’t enjoy the games, well too bad!)

For those who don’t know, these games consist of 10 contestants answering 12 multiple-choice questions related to animation with the hopes of answering the million point question correctly! They will have 3 lifelines to help them throughout the game: one 50/50 (two wrong answers will be eliminated), and two Phone-a-Friend or Ask the Expert (the contestant will seek help from either one of their personal contacts or an “animation expert” that I personally designated).

If someone gets the million point question right, they’ll win a $50 gift card from me! If nobody gets to the million, the top 5 people who got the highest scores will come back for a second chance to get to the million. If nobody still gets to the million, the winner will be the person with the highest combined score from both rounds and they’ll win a $20 gift card from me!

Right now, I’m looking for contestants to play this season. The requirements to participate as a contestant are:

  • Contestant must be a resident of US/Canada
  • Contestant must speak English
  • Contestant must have a working webcam/mic
  • Contestant must be comfortable with being recorded and having the video seen by others on YouTube and on my blog
  • Contestant must be knowledgeable about animation as the questions will range from facts about animated films to facts about behind-the-scenes on films to facts about animation studios to facts about people in the animation industry, etc. Basically, anything even remotely related to the field of animation is fair game!

If you’re interested in being a contestant and meet these requirements, please leave a comment at the end of this page or email me at aloysius.zimmerplotz@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to an amazing 2nd season!

‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Comic-Con Trailer is Released!

During this Comic-Con, we have seen many trailers for different projects. One of these trailers is a new The LEGO Batman Movie one and it’s looking awesome!

My Thoughts: ZOOTOPIA (2016)


When I had first heard that Disney was working on the movie that would become Zootopia, I was incredibly excited! It was going to feature anthropomorphic animals (which I love) and be part of the crime/whodunnit genre (which I also love)! When the movie was released, it received mass critical praise, made over a billion dollars in the worldwide box office, and was just adored by everyone! What did I think of the film? Let’s see!

Oh, there will be SPOILERS!

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‘The Secret Life of Pets’ Makes $104 Million at Box Office!


Illumination Entertainment’s latest animated film, The Secret Life of Pets, has topped the weekend box office with $104 million! It also broke Inside Out‘s record as the highest-grossing opening weekend for an original animated film!

I’m quite shocked, to be honest! When I saw the trailer, I just felt this was your typical, silly, stupid animated film that you get every now and then. But, many people thought the trailer looked cute and were looking forward to seeing it!

Have you seen the film? What did you think of it? If you haven’t seen it, do you plan on seeing it?