Hello Animation Fans!

Hey fellow readers! I’m extremely new to blogging, as this is my first blog. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but am still a bit nervous about how this is all going to work. I’ve always wanted to share my love of animated films (with a strong bias towards Disney films) with fellow animated film lovers and fanatics and I think this is the best way to do that. So, have patience with me and I hope you’ll enjoy your viewing at “The Animation Commendation”!

10 thoughts on “Hello Animation Fans!”

      1. Disney fans unite!!! You commented on my EPIC blog but it has to be deleted because it didn’t work. What did you say? I love starting animation conversations.

      2. Yep, Disney is king! I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours! I’m new to blogging and still trying to understand it, but I’m happy with my Disney Canon project! I love starting animation conversations as well, because what I said on your EPIC post was a bit controversial, lol:

        I was saying that I’m not really a fan of Blue Sky Studios, mainly due to their marination of celebrity voices in their films. And the voice cast alone for EPIC (including Beyonce, Pitbull, Stephen Tyler, etc.) is making me cringe to see it. But I know my inner animation fanatic will force me to watch it, but it’s not a movie I’m looking forward to. Then I asked what your opinion on celebrity voices are? and on Blue Sky Studios?

      3. Blue Sky Studios is a tough nut to crack, I DO enjoy some of the actual animation, the physical movement of the animation. Ice Age contains some solid text book animation that you can not scoff at. BUT the stories of their movies always leave me feeling malnourished. And when you look at their films at a whole there’s no boundaries being pushed! There’s no risk, it seems. Where as PIXAR has been and Disney is getting back to experimenting with different worlds and making bold choices.

        All of Blue Sky films feel as though they are from the same world. Which is why I am excited for Epic because it semi-looks like they may have taken their time to craft something we haven’t seen before.

        I’m very skeptical about this movie, yes. And as for celebrity voices, I am all FOR them if I can FORGET them and get wrapped up in the story. Mandy Moore in Tangled, for example, was phenomenal because I could forget it was here. Ellen Degenerous in Finding Nemo helped me enjoy Dory, not Ellen. Every single bloody character in Rio stood as an actor at a mic. And therefore, the story just wasn’t held together. So it depends…

        I want Blue Sky to get better, but I feel they really need to be bolder with their stories, their characters and their design.

        Scotty Jo

  1. I understand and agree with much of what you said there! I guess what really infuriates me is when I hear people saying that a Blue Sky Studios’ animated film is the best animated film they’ve ever seen! And I’m like, “Really?! REALLY?!” Also, the fact that the Ice Ages make so much money every time they’re released, especially the 4th one with over 800 million dollars worldwide, I guess I feel like the general public is losing what a true animated classic can be.

    But, like I said, I’ve watched ALL the Blue Sky Studios films and am glad that I watched them. But, I have to be fair and say that none of them really stand out for me or do I think is an impeccable piece of craftsmanship.

  2. Hey, Mark! It’s me! (you remember me, right?) Do you think you’ll ever review that animated version of Phantom of the Opera? It’s such a little-known cartoon, and I think it’s pretty charming despite how basic the animation is…But I’m biased, of course…


  3. Dude, the world is a vast market, and as sure as PIXAR has soaked up the intelligent creative minds of the world and made us enjoy their work Blu Skies has soaked up the infant and mother population and grabbed them by the feet. Their market is very different that PIXAR or Disney. That market is looking for classics or for true stories to leave you shaken up, they just want face slapping and balls kicking! It’s sad because you and i see the potential, we see the exquisite art exhibit that is PIXAR and we see the moonbounce awesomeness of DISNEY but Blue Sky doesn’t care…. just like Laika has the dark sided zombie loving Portlandites! Blue Sky may get a LOT of money but we both know where the true ART is.

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