Actor Ron Moody Dies At 91!

RON MOODY British Actor Attending the Variety Club Christmas Luncheon in honour of Sir Cliff Richard. Universal Pictorial Press Photo UGL 015668/A-04     08.12.1998

Actor Ron Moody has died today at the age of 91. Mr. Moody (1924-2015) was known for his roles in various films including The Twelve Chairs, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, and Unidentified Flying Oddball. But, his most famous role was that of Fagin in the musical, Oliver!.


In terms of animation, he has lent his voice a few times including playing Prolix in the English-language adaptations of Asterix the Gaul and Asterix and the Big Fight.


He also voiced various characters in the children’s television series, The Animals of Farthing Wood.


Mr. Moody, we’re reviewing the situation, and you shall greatly be missed!

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