“The Croods” Opens With a Crude Amount of $44 Million!


Dreamworks Animation’s first animated film of the year seems to be a hit with audiences after opening with a weekend gross of $44 million! Have you seen this movie? What did you think about it? Do you want to see this movie? Let me know in the comments!

I, for one, was not excited about this animated film, nor am I excited about Dreamworks Animation’s next animated film that’s planned for release this year!

A stupid premise with a stupid tagline, in my opinion!
A stupid premise with a stupid tagline, in my opinion!

But everybody’s saying to give this movie a chance! I’ll most likely watch this when it comes out on DVD!

8 thoughts on ““The Croods” Opens With a Crude Amount of $44 Million!”

  1. A friend and i were tempted to see this when we thought we wouldn’t find a showing of Oz that wasn’t sold out. But we persevered and saw Oz. I saw a preview of The Croods (I think on the Hotel Transylvania DVD) and wasn’t overly excited about it either. Seems like Ice Age, only with people.

      1. Thank you that means a lot! I’m still trying to get use to WordPress (I accidentally unfollowed you a second ago haha) but I’ll get the hang of it!

        Also I’m glad you mentioned the tag line for turbo. When my friend and I walked into the theatre, that poster and tag line was the first thing we saw. We could not stop laughing! I think we might see the film solely based on that corny line.

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