My Thoughts: FRANKENWEENIE (2012)


Tim Burton movies are always…well, most of the time…enjoyable!

"They call me Tim Most-Of-The-Time-Enjoyable Burton!"
“They call me Tim Most-Of-The-Time-Enjoyable Burton!”

And this is no exception! It’s a wonderfully made stop-motion animated remake of an earlier short of the same name directed by Tim Burton.

I had completely forgotten that it was a live-action short!
I had completely forgotten that it was a live-action short!

The film received positive reviews, critical praise, and was even nominated for the “Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film”! And now, I have something very controversial to say!

Are you ready?

I think that this film should have won the Academy Award!




gasp song of the south


Calm down, calm down! Get your heartbeat rates back to normal, resuscitate yourselves, etc. I’m not taking back that statement; I believe that this film should have won the Academy Award!


Enough of that! Let’s take a look at the film!

The film is about a young boy named Victor Frankenstein

My, what a tiny nose he has!
My, what a tiny pyramidical nose he has!

who lives with his parents, Edward and Susan Frankenstein,

Who wouldn't want to have the Frankensteins as their neighbors?
Who wouldn’t want to have the Frankensteins as their neighbors?

and his beloved pet dog, Sparky!

Modern Way of Walking the Dog!
Modern Way of Walking the Dog!

Victor is a well-behaved, if not somewhat quiet, kid who enjoys making amateur films as well as playing with his dog.

But an accident occurs which results in his beloved Sparky’s death!

I'm guessing Sparky was a Christian?
I’m guessing Sparky was a Christian?

Victor has a hard time coping with Sparky’s death until one day when his science professor, Mr. Rzykruski gives a lesson on electricity and how dead animals’ muscles can still move by the application of some electricity!

A man who doesn't take the phrase, "Why the long face?", in a good manner!
A man who doesn’t take the phrase, “Why the long face?”, in a good manner!

This causes Victor to have a brainstorm and he decides to try to revive his dead dog and bring him back to life! And that’s just the beginning of our story!

The film captures your attention and interest from the beginning. It’s heartwarming and, for the most part, incredibly voice acted. The characters are all lovable and this film features probably the best animated parents that I’ve seen in a long time!

frankenweenie parents 2

frankenweenie parents 3

frankenweenie parents

frankenweenie parents 4

The film also features smoother stop-motion movements than “ParaNorman” and “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”!

"A curse shall rise upon thee!"
“A curse shall rise upon thee!”
"Prepare to walk the plank!"
“Prepare to walk the plank!”

It features more timelessness than “Wreck-It Ralph”!

"I'm gonna wreck you!"
“I’m gonna wreck you!”

And it features a more focused and expounded upon story than “Brave”!

"This arrow aimed at you isn't for decoration, you know!"
“This arrow aimed at you isn’t for decoration, you know!”

And for that, and many more reasons, do I believe that “Frankenweenie” should have won the “Academy Award for Best Animated Feature”!


6 thoughts on “My Thoughts: FRANKENWEENIE (2012)”

  1. Hmm. You make a good case for it. 🙂 I enjoyed Burton’s stop-motion animation (including Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas). And I totally agree that the storyline was more focused than the one for Brave.

  2. I actually saw the live-action short version first (on the October 2000 DVD release of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS), and I have to say, this 2012 reboot improves on the original a great deal, with a more fully fleshed-out story and a very interesting cast of supporting characters. And, as a fan of Tim Burton’s previous animated features (although I should point out that he wasn’t all that involved in the production of NIGHTMARE), I loved the little character-design nods to CORPSE BRIDE in this film (Victor Frankenstein resembling Victor Van Dort, and Mayor Burgemeister resembling Finis Everglot).

    In regards to the voice actors, not only does this film demonstrate the versatility of voice-acting veterans Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara (who both perform more than one character in this film [much the same as David Odgen Stiers did in POCAHONTAS]), but it also proved to be Atticus Shaffer’s big break in voice acting, before becoming the voice behind Ono the cattle egret in THE LION GUARD. (On a tangentially related note, I can’t help but notice how similar Ono’s voice sounds to Big Bird’s– albeit reedier and slightly lower pitched…)

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