‘Penguins of Madagascar’ Doesn’t Fly Too High!


Dreamworks Animation’s 3rd film of 2014, Penguins of Madagascar, opened in 2nd place in the weekend box office. Grossing a quite sub-par 5-day amount of $36 million, I wonder if the film will end up being even a minor hit.

Have you seen the film? If so, what did you think of it?

8 thoughts on “‘Penguins of Madagascar’ Doesn’t Fly Too High!”

  1. Have not seen it yet, but I know that I will in the next few weeks. From what I heard, it is a style (being the animation and comedy) over substance film, which gives me a feeling that I will not like this movie (especially since I already loathe the Madagascar franchise, since it is everything that is wrong with DreamWorks).

  2. Ya know, this movie just didn’t appeal to me at all. I feel like they’re trying to bank off the success of the Madagascar, and I mean, I get it. But this just didn’t even look that funny to me. Maybe I’m totally wrong and it’s hilarious!

  3. My first time here. Just came across this blog from a comment section at another blog.

    Well, to answer your question; I watched it yesterday and it didn’t quite appeal to me that much. The jokes were not that funny, but a couple of scenes were good and had me smiling. My favorite was the assistant octopuses.

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