Disney Wins Animation Awards at 87th Academy Awards!


Well, the 87th Academy Awards were yesterday and you can check the list of winners here. In terms of animation, Disney won the Best Animated Short and Best Animated Film Oscars for Feast and Big Hero 6, respectively.

I congratulate Disney on this, although I was sure that How to Train Your Dragon 2 was going to win. In the end, I only correctly predicted 12 Oscars this year and couldn’t beat my high score last year of 14. Oh well, there’s always next year, God-willing!

To see my predictions again, click here.

23 thoughts on “Disney Wins Animation Awards at 87th Academy Awards!”

  1. Another undeserved award that Disney got for Best Animated Feature. There were 2 films that were better than Hero 6 (I thought Dragon deserved it more), but congratulations nonetheless… I guess.

    1. While I was rooting for Song of the Sea, I am okay with Big Hero 6 winning it. I would have been okay with all the movies winning it with the exception of Boxtrolls (and Lego Movie, but that was thankfully not an option from the get go).

      And I don’t think that the award for Frozen was undeserved, either. It was just a really bad year for animation, the only movie which remotely could give it a challenge was “The Wind rises” and that one had it’s own problems. It’s kind of fair considering that Disney never had a chance with Tangled, because THAT year had so many strong animated movies.

      Plus, Disney got snubbed for Wreck-it-Ralph.

      And I admit, I am kind of smug that I was right about HTTYD2 not being a sure win.

      1. I am a lot more okay with Hero winning this year than I was with Frozen winning last year, since I still feel like MU was better than it. With the 2014 films, I agree that I would have been fine with any winning but Boxtrolls.

        I still think that Wreck it Ralph was so robbed, since it was better than all of the 2012 films, and its 2 successors. I am losing more and more faith in the Oscars.

      2. Oscars is a popularity contest not the best of the year. It’s not voted on by a committee that analyzes art and decides. It’s members who pick what’s popular. That’s why nonsense like Shakespeare in Love wins over Saving Private Ryan. Don’t give it much heed.

      3. But even as a popularity contest, it still retains some level of attention to the arts because in the end, the movies nominated are always movies that the average Joe has never heard about much less seen.

      4. True which can be a good thing but I wish sometimes those movies which are big hits got acknowledged more. Every once in a while you’ll have an Avatar, Titanic or Lord of the Rings. I just think its more a sign of whats trendy amongst Hollywood types than what is really best of year. I have fun with it and it does get me to see movies I probably wouldn’t see but I wouldn’t get too down about it.

    2. I’m fine with Big Hero 6 taking the award. Maybe because How to Train Your Dragon 2 was less…sophisticated? Seriously, I was sure it would win, but I guess I’m not that surprised it lost.

      I thought Frozen deserved the award for the same reasons Swanpride mentions and the fact that Disney should have gotten an award at that point. Besides, only two Oscars so far. There’s more films planned ahead.

      1. The Oscars always go for the more sophisticated award, even if it is not the best film. They have been doing it for years, and will continue to do it, I guess.

        I am glad Disney is finally getting some credit, but it is just bothersome to me that (in my opinion), the credit is going to the wrong films. It seems like they are getting it because of all of the critiques about Pixar sucking, and Disney not getting awards up until that point.

  2. I’m absolutely delighted that Big Hero 6 won, it was a gorgeous film. HTTYD2 was honestly a bit of a let down for me. Boxtrolls definitely deserves more recognition for its storytelling, technique and stellar voice acting.

    1. Welcome to the blog!

      I haven’t seen Boxtrolls yet, so I can’t comment on it.

      I did think all the films nominated in this category this year were very good, so it was a tight race. So I’m not really too upset that BH6 one…I’m mostly shocked since I predicted incorrectly.

    2. I agree. Boxtrolls was very clever. I enjoyed it. I still think Lego should have got its spot but its good movie.

  3. Hey! I was happy with Big Hero 6 because of the 3 mainstream films I thought it had the most emotional heft to it. I loved Dragon and Boxtrolls but I feel like I’ve seen those movies before and Big Hero 6 was new and different. So I was happy but I liked all 5 nominees.

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