‘Minions’ Makes Millions!


Illumination Entertainment’s Minions opened up to the #1 spot in the weekend box office grossing over $115 million domestically. It’s said to be the second highest opening weekend for an animated film after Shrek the Third.

Have you seen it? Was it good? Do you plan on seeing it if you haven’t already?

10 thoughts on “‘Minions’ Makes Millions!”

  1. Kind of crazy how big it opened, but they’ve put a lot of effort on the marketing. I’m not allowed to see it until my boyfriend is back, haha. But I’m excited to see it, I think it will be pretty good.

      1. Hah, no I don’t, he’s no fun when he’s cranky. Yeah there’s a Swedish dub, they are showing it more often than the English ones. I’m a bit curious about if they have dubbed the minions though

  2. It’s ok but the laughs weren’t there for me. I’m stunned 115 mil. What is going on this year with all these huge Box Office numbers?

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