‘Sing’ Teaser Trailer Debuts!

The teaser trailer for Illumination Entertainment’s upcoming film, Sing, has debuted. I feel this film can be kinda entertaining, although I can do without some of the song choices. I’m also interested in seeing Seth MacFarlane’s theatrical animated feature film debut. What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “‘Sing’ Teaser Trailer Debuts!”

  1. I think it looks awful. I wish they had done it with showtunes or classics but it’s another Illumination attempt to be hip and cool. And their last musical, The Lorax, was awful. I was really turned off by the trailer.

  2. Luckily this is only the ‘teaser’ trailer because what I look for in any animated feature are the two things that makes me want to see these movies: Great storytelling and unforgettable characters. 80+ songs in this movie and most of them are definitely songs we hear on the radio, hence their direction of going through with a ‘jukebox’ musical. At a glance, this reminds me a bit of ‘Cat’s Don’t Dance’ with a showman putting together an all-animal singing contest alongside ‘American Idol’ which the one thing I like about the show is the journey of the contestants in which we get to know them and see what drives them to win and that’s just talking about the audition stage. And yet what I really hope to see is that bit of ‘A Chorus Line’ where again it pushes on the fact that all these contenders see this contest as a chance to improve their lives or give them that second chance at stardom. Illumination Entertainment can be pretty hit-and-miss with some of their features, the animation looks good and I’m a sucker for musicals but what will really drive my attention to the screen is if the story is enjoyable (And not too predictable) and if all the characters are memorable in a good way.

    Until then… I’m mainly excited for ‘Zootopia’.

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