‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ Teaser Trailer Debuts!

Today, the teaser trailer for the upcoming Sony Animation film, Smurfs: The Lost Village, has debuted. Due for release in April 2017, this fully animated film is set to be a reboot of the recent live-action/animated hybrid Smurfs films.

What do you think of this trailer and are you looking forward to seeing the film? Do you think it’s good that they’re rebooting this franchise? I personally wished that we saw more stuff in the trailer, but this is a teaser after all. But, I am glad that they’re rebooting this franchise and making it fully animated. Hopefully, it’ll turn out well!

8 thoughts on “‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ Teaser Trailer Debuts!”

  1. Yeah not really much to talk about with this one. I hated the last 2 so they don’t have to do much to make it better for me.

  2. I like it and I wished it was longer. I also like it when they use rap songs so jamming a bit to it while watching doesn’t make me feel too guilty haha!

  3. I don’t understand why lol. They did this with Stuart Little too. They released the first 2 as live-action, and then for some reason made the 3rd one fully animated. I didn’t see the 3rd one because it looked lame and so does this lol. I like the Smurfs cartoons, but I didn’t like the live-action movie. So, I doubt I’ll like this. So, I’m not watching it lol.

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