‘Frozen 2’ Gets 2019 Release Date + Other Animated Film News!

Disney has just announced that their upcoming animated film, Frozen 2, will be released to theaters on November 27, 2019! Also Wreck-It Ralph 2 has been pushed back to November 21, 2018 and Gigantic has been pushed back to November 25, 2020.

Are you all looking forward to a Frozen sequel? How do you feel about the other films being pushed back? I’m actually quite sad that Gigantic won’t come out until 2020!

14 thoughts on “‘Frozen 2’ Gets 2019 Release Date + Other Animated Film News!”

      1. That wasn’t necessarily the reason I was excited about Gigantic; I just honestly thought the story was better than the other announced Disney films! And it was gonna be a musical by the Lopezs, so even better, lol!

      1. Way to rub salt in that wound! Ugh…well I guess we’ll just have to wait 3 more years…

  1. I’m game for Frozen 2. Aside from two major epiphanies, Elsa’s character didn’t progress that much in “Frozen” (Anna got the lion’s share of character development) so I’m looking forward to seeing what Disney does with her character in the sequel and how her sister bond with Anna continues to evolve. Here’s hoping that six years of waiting was worth it.

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