WWTBAM-Animation Edition S3E6: “There’s ‘Tangled’ Stuff Everywhere in my House!” w/Becky Ginther

Season 3 of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games continues with fellow Disney lover and blogger, Becky Ginther (from Season 1), trying her hand at the million! How far does she go? Watch to find out!

Disney In Your Day: http://www.disneyinyourday.com/

Ben’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZEvnPge9Hzm1U_3qzjo4Xw
Ben’s blog: http://www.animatedgalaxy.blogspot.com

4 thoughts on “WWTBAM-Animation Edition S3E6: “There’s ‘Tangled’ Stuff Everywhere in my House!” w/Becky Ginther”

      1. I would be but I am way less comfortable speaking English than writing it. Plus, I actually don’t have a Skype set-up. And I don’t really like to be as “me” in the internet. I don’t even have facebook for that reason, I value my privacy too much.

        But it is fun to watch the contest from time to time because it helps to recognize my own knowledge gabs….like, everything related to Tex Avery is something I will most likely not know even though I am aware of it.

      2. Oh ok, I understand. I wouldn’t want you to do something you’re uncomfortable with.

        Thanks for watching the episodes though 🙂 ! I also learn about stuff that I didn’t know when making these games.

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