WWTBAM-Animation Edition S4E4: My Heart Has Goosebumps! w/Skyler Shuler (Disney Film Facts)

Today, we have Skyler Shuler (Disney Film Facts, The Cinema Insider, The DCast) trying his hand at the million! How far does he go? The title may give you a hint!

(My apologies for my bad audio; my microphone seems to have gone bad halfway through the recording)

Skyler’s Social Media: @skylerhxc

Disney Film Facts Social Media: @disneyfilmfacts

Disney Film Facts Site: https://disneyfilmfacts.com

Disney Film Facts YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwe01-A_nkKGzmDBxCpb6LA

The Cinema Insider Twitter: @TheCinInsider

The Cinema Insider IG: @thecinemainsider

The Cinema Insider Site: thecinemainsider.com

The DCast Twitter: @TheDCast

The DCast IG: @the_dcast

The DCast Site: https://thedcast.com/

Eli’s blog: http://www.ejunkieblog.wordpress.com

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