WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 4 Results

Well, all good things must sadly come to an end! And Season 4 of my WWTBAM-Animation Edition games is no exception! I had a wonderful time hosting these 15 games and I hope you all enjoyed watching them! Here are the final results of the season and I sincerely thank all the contestants for participating:

Skyler Shuler (282,000 pts)

Milan Harrison (52,000 pts)
Amanda Sorrento (32,000 pts)
Zora Catone (32,000 pts)
Ben Daniels (2,000 pts)

Tommy T (1,000 pts)
Andrew Garrison (1,000 pts)
Jonathan Pouliot (1,000 pts)
Brian Crawford (1,000 pts)
Jonathan J. North (1,000 pts)

And a special thank you to Eli Sanza for being the Expert this season! Please check out his blog by clicking here!

Maybe I’ll do a Season 5 in the future, but until then, feel free to rewatch all the episodes this season!

7 thoughts on “WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 4 Results”

      1. No particular link to a set of rules, but the game is a 12 question multiple choice game following the general rules of the game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The only difference is that all the questions are related to animation (be it questions about different animated movies, animation studios, behind-the-scenes of animated movies, people in the animation industry, etc.).

        The questions get harder as you go higher up the ladder. Once you get wrong, that’s the end of the game and you leave with the last number of points from your last safe haven. There are 3 lifelines to help you: a 50/50 (gets rid of 2 wrong answers), Phone-a-Friend (call someone for help), and Ask the Expert (ask someone deemed the expert for their help).

        Overall, I recommend just watching some of the games to get a better idea of how they go. Here’s a link to my YT channel where these games are stored and you can see a playlist of the past 4 seasons that I’ve done. (The newer seasons are better) So please check them out if you’re interested:


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