DisneyToon Studios Shuts Down!

The big, sad news currently in the Disney world is that DisneyToon Studios has been shut down! For those unfamiliar with it, DisneyToon Studios was Disney’s second animation studio which produced a few theatrical films (such as A Goofy Movie, The Tigger Movie, Return to Never Land, The Jungle Book 2, the Planes films, etc.), but was more famous for producing direct-to-video films (such as the Aladdin sequels, the Beauty and the Beast sequels, the Cinderella sequels, the The Hunchback of Notre Dame sequel, the Mulan sequel, the Tinker Bell films, etc.)

Producing a good 47 films, the studio was even working on a Planes spin-off film, but due to the shutdown, said film is no longer in development. For more on the shutdown, read this: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/disneytoon-studios-shuts-down-disney-glendale-1201979736/.

What is your favorite DisneyToon Studios film? Mine is probably The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

18 thoughts on “DisneyToon Studios Shuts Down!”

  1. Favourite? They all are terrible, the only ones which are at least passable are the ones based on the cartoon shows.

    Sad for all the employees, but still, good riddance!

      1. The third Aladdin movie…they at least tried with that one. And I guess the Tinkerbell franchise isn’t too bad for the intended audience (which I don’t belong to). Well, and the Ducktales and the first Goofy movie were decent enough, but honestly, this kind of fare can be created by the studio which does the TV shows just as well.

    1. I will have to somewhat agree with swanpride. I think some of the sequels that were produced were simply so disrespectful to the original movies – they should never really have seen the light of day. I know this is my personal opinion and some of them were fun, but it is horrifying for me to see some of them since I cherish so much some of the originals.

  2. I’m sad because I was hoping someday they’d make an Elena of Avalor movie but it will be interesting to see what Disney under the new direction goes. Goofy Movie is probably my favorite but I also like the Tinkerbell movies and Cinderella 3

      1. Yeah Cinderella 3 they actually tried to tell a new fresh story and it’s not perfect but entertaining

  3. I definitely won’t miss the direct-to-video sequels, the only ones I ever sort of liked were Pocahontas 2, Jungle Book 2 and Mulan 2, but they were all still riddled with problems. I only ever saw one of the Tinker Bell films with my cousin (Lost Treasure), but it was actually better than I expected.

    My own favourite will always be A Goofy Movie, it’s way better than it has any right to be haha. “The perfect cast” indeed.

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