WWTBAM-Animation Edition Season 8 Results

Sadly, Season 8 of my WWTBAM-Animation Edition games has come to an end! This was another season wherein there wasn’t a Round 2 because Stanford Clark won the season by getting the million-point question correct! His prize was a $100 Amazon gift card.

I wanna thank all the contestants who participated in this season as well as a special thank you to Skyler Shuler, our designated “Expert” this season. I also would like to thank all of you who watched and enjoyed these episodes!

Until next time, here are the final scores of the season:

Stanford Clark (1,000,000 pts)

Paul Astell (250,000 pts)

Jonathan North (125,000 pts)

Zora Catone (32,000 pts)

Dariush Asadi (32,000 pts)

Andrew Garrison (32,000 pts)

Sean Nasuti (32,000 pts)

Tiarah (32,000 pts)

Brian Crawford (32,000 pts)

Brian Albert (20,000 pts)

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