Voice Actress June Foray Dies at 99!

In incredibly saddening news, the legendary voice actress, June Foray, has died at the age of 99! Ms. Foray (1917-2017) was pretty much the woman of “a thousand voices” being a big name in the business since the 1950s. Some of her more famous roles have been Lucifer in Cinderella, Squaw in Peter Pan, Granny and Witch Hazel in the Looney Tunes shorts, Rocky J. Squirrel in the The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Mrs. Featherby in DuckTales, and Grandmother Fa in Mulan. It’s basically impossible to not have heard her voice at all in your life!

She was instrumental in creating the Annie Awards as well as in getting a Best Animated Feature category in the Academy Awards! What makes this even sadder was that she was two months shy of her 100th birthday 😦 . She shall be missed!

For more about her life and legacy, please read this article as well as this tribute.

Actor Bob Hoskins Dies At 71!


In what comes (at least to me) as shocking and sad news, actor Bob Hoskins has passed away at the age of 71 due to pneumonia.

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Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #14: The Hot Water Pirate


Let’s fly to Neverland, folks! We are viewing Disney’s 14th animated feature film, “Peter Pan”. Released in 1953, the film was a commercial success after the somewhat failure, “Alice in Wonderland”.

The film’s story, again extremely well-known, is about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up named Peter Pan. He lives in a fantasy world called Neverland where he has fun with the Indians, talks with the mermaids, and battles the villain Captain Hook and his gang of pirates. After Peter Pan loses his shadow in the house of the Darling family,

Sneaking off to Dreamworks Animation to sell a story idea
Sneaking off to Dreamworks Animation to sell a story idea!

he goes back to retrieve it and decides to bring the Darling children along to see Neverland. And that’s basically the story. Continue reading “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #14: The Hot Water Pirate”