My DisneyQuest Trip!


Hello fellow readers! Well, I went to DisneyQuest today, so I thought I’d give my thoughts on the place. I didn’t get to take any pictures, so all the images that I have here were found online!

For those of you don’t know, DisneyQuest is a 5-story “indoor interactive theme park” located in the Downtown Disney area of Orlando, Florida. It was originally meant as a cheaper alternative for families who couldn’t afford to go to the more expensive parks of the Walt Disney World Resort.

DisneyQuest relies totally on virtual reality and video arcade games. The vast majority of the building consists of arcade games from the past and present. So if you’re a fan of arcade games, you’ll love that! I however, am not a fan of them; so I found that aspect of this place to be quite boring. But I did start to think that this would be the perfect area for Disney to market their “Wreck-It Ralph” movie, and that’s indeed what they do!


Now to talk about the virtual reality games…and to be honest, I found most of them quite boring. There is a Virtual Jungle Cruise ride in which you sit in a raft that bounces up and down as if on rapids. I wasn’t ever a fan of the original Jungle Cruise ride, and this lesser quality ride didn’t change my views on it.


There is a simulation in which you can build your own roller coaster based on the Space Mountain ride. Not bad; but this technology can be seen in many different game places around the nation, so it was nothing special!


There’s also a virtual reality ride where you battle comic book villains, a ride where you emulate yourself flying on Aladdin’s magic carpets, and a Buzz Lightyear-themed ride that is basically bumper cars except you get to shoot balls at the other players! That looked fun, but I didn’t get to go on that!


So it seems as if I honestly don’t like this place and…..yeah, I honestly don’t like this place! Do I like ANYTHING about it? Well yes, two things in particular: The first thing is the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed ride! It’s a virtual simulator of a pirate ship in which one person steers the boat (that was me 😀 ) and the other people are in charge of the cannons and have to shoot enemy pirates! That was extremely fun!


The second thing that I like is that there’s a food section called The Wonderland Cafe. And the design and decor of the chairs and backgrounds are based on “Alice in Wonderland”! So that was quite cool!


But summing up, I don’t like DisneyQuest! I’m glad I got to experience it once, but I don’t think I’d go again!

2 thoughts on “My DisneyQuest Trip!”

  1. My husband is a huge arcade geek. He absolutely loves all the old school arcade games here. We as well thought that most of the “virtual reality” games are a bit outdated and boring. We loved the Pirates one though! Very cool!! And I also have to agree with you on the dining area! Very fun themed place with good food options. We liked DisneyQuest. But we only had the tickets included in our trip when we got the water park extra ad on stuff when we were there for 2 weeks for our honeymoon. We went there when the weather was horrible out. If we were buying tickets to include the water parks again, we would most likely go to DQ at least once or twice. But we would never buy the extra add on tickets simply just for DQ. Nice review!! 🙂

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