“Brave” and “Paperman” Emerge Victors at the Oscars!

CapturePixar’s “Brave” and Walt Disney Studios’ “Paperman” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short respectively. And I can proudly say that I predicted those two correctly 🙂 ! So, how many predictions did I get correct in total? Well, out of 24 categories, I predicted 9 correctly!


I can sooo be a weatherman!


Anyway, a round of applause for our two animated heroes of the night!


4 thoughts on ““Brave” and “Paperman” Emerge Victors at the Oscars!”

  1. Even with all the misguided certainty that Wreck-it-Ralph will take the Best Animated Feature Oscar, I was quietly rooting for Brave =) Next time, I won’t be so reserved about my gut instincts!

  2. Awww, Paperman! I saw it at the weekend when I went to see Wreck-It Ralph. It’s such a cute little short film. And Wreck-It Ralph was great, too…


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