“Oz: The Great and Powerful” Displays Power With $80 Million Weekend Debut!


Disney’s prequel to the classic 1939 film topped the box office over the weekend with a nationwide gross of $80 million! This may seem alot, but the budget for the film is $215 million! But, hopefully, the international box-office records will make this film a hit! What do you think? Do you think this film will be a global hit? Do you think it’ll pass the billion dollar mark like a few other live-action Disney epics have done? Have you seen this movie? If so, what’d you think of it?

4 thoughts on ““Oz: The Great and Powerful” Displays Power With $80 Million Weekend Debut!”

  1. I have no intentions on ever seeing this film. It’s nothing personal, just not for me. It feels like such an unnecessary movie to make. I would rather see a film based on one of the other books, not a prequel.

    And since when did Hollywood stop coming up with original ideas? Everything is based off something else or a true story. When’s this generation’s Taxi Driver going to come along?

    1. This generation’s Taxi Driver finally revealed itself in 2011. It’s my perception that the movie that fits that kind of description is Drive. And it’s pure coincidence that they have similar titles! =)

      1. Hmm I’m going to have to disagree with you. I see the similarities but Ryan Gosling in Drive was an incredibly flat character. Travis Bickle was so real it’s scary and we saw him go from a lost man with some hope left, to a guy losing his marbles (I feel like a grandma using that phrase), to a man with a sense of direction, to a villain, then finally to a hero because he couldn’t succeed as a villain. Drive disappointed me and I never felt connected to any character.

        You also forgot the Albert Brooks connection between the two films. Sorry, I’m a Taxi Driver nerd.

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