Is Disney’s 2-D Animation Dead?


I personally hope not! The question was brought up at the annual shareholders’ meeting and Bob Iger mentioned that there are no current 2-D animated films in the works nor does there seem to be plans for any in the near future. I pray that this doesn’t become an ultimatum! They tried it once when “Home on the Range” flopped, but after the Pixar acquisition, they came back with 2-D films “The Princess and the Frog” and “Winnie the Pooh”. For more information see: 

What’s your opinion? How would you feel if Disney stops making hand-drawn traditional animated films and only makes computer-generated animated films?

11 thoughts on “Is Disney’s 2-D Animation Dead?”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that we mentioned to our readers (blog and Facebook) that they should check out your blog. Hope you get lots of visitors!

  2. Although I love the graphics of the computer created animated films, they have a different type of “magic” than those which are hand-drawn. I really hope that hand-drawn films do not disappear. After all, new is not necessarily better, it’s just new …

  3. I’m thinking that traditional 2D animation is probably going to go the way of silent films, and the Academy ratio, at least as far as major studio releases are concerned. However, I’m hoping that the hybrid style used in Paperman gets at least a shot at a feature treatment from the house of mouse.

  4. I like the 2D animation a lot. I have a feeling it’s dead though. The way they do things now is so much more efficient. Someday machines will make cartoons things will get so efficient.

  5. As someone who hopes to one day become an animator, I really hope this is not the case!! So many companies today focus on computerised animation like dreamworks, Pixar, etc. So hopefully Disney will continue to do some traditional 2-D animated films, even if its only once every few years!

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