I’ve Been Tagged!


Ok, so apparently, there’s this phenomenon called “tagging” in WordPress, and I’ve just been tagged by Meera Darji, a fellow lover and reviewer of films. Check her blog out!

What this means is that I have to answer 11 questions that she asked me. Then, I have to “tag” 11 fellow bloggers and ask them 11 different questions. So, this should be fun!

Anyway, here are the questions that I have to answer:

1) If you had the chance to build any invention, what would you create? An automatic chocolate bar maker

2) Fire or Water? Why? Water; because it can’t burn you

3) If you had to choose any sport that you had to undertake once every week, which sport would you choose? Soccer

4) What’s your favourite snack? Chocolate

5) Sunset or Sunrise? Sunset

6) We all have imagination. What recently happened in your dream? Umm…hmm…it’s been a while since I had a dream. Oh, I think I was creating a sitcom in my head.

7) If you could be the Maker of any FILM which would you choose? Moby Dick…the animated version!

8) Do you believe in a second life? If so, would you want to remain yourself, be someone else or something else…Who/what? I’m assuming the term “second life” is referring to reincarnation in this world, and if so, then no, I don’t believe in it.

9) Sky diving or Rock climbing? They’re both awesome! Maybe skydiving, if I had to pick one!

10) If you would like to do one thing in the whole world, what would it be? Marry a girl who’d love me forever (you may aww)

11) Walking in to a shopping mall, you see a ‘EVERYTHING IS FREE HERE’ sign, which store do you wish it would be? A chocolate store 😀 !

Ok, that was easier than I thought! Now time for my 11 questions to be asked!

1) What is your least favorite color and why?

2) What word do you always mess up when trying to spell it correctly?

3) What is your favorite animated film?

4) What is your least favorite animated film?

5) What school subject would you like to be eradicated from the curriculum?

6) Which celebrity have you met? And if you’ve never met one, which would you like to meet?

7) Do you believe that the Loch Ness Monster exists?

8) If this is that, and that is this, then would a little bit of this and a little bit of that equal to one this or one that?

9) Did you understand the previous question?

10) How amazing am I on a scale of 10 to 10?

11) What song would you like to be your theme song to be played as you enter a room?

Ok, now for the last part: to tag 11 fellow bloggers to answer the previous questions that I’ve just listed! MUAHAHAHAAAA!


And you lucky 11 are:

1) Unshavedmouse

2) The Scotty Jo Podcast

3) One Movie | Each Day

4) Animation Fascination

5) A Journey Through Cinematic Heaven and Hell

6) Ballet Shoes & Mickey Ears

7) Shannon A Thompson

8) Confessions of a DisNerd

9) Kidz Showz

10) BeeMinor

11) ManicMation

Looking forward to your answers!

20 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged!”

      1. That’s my dream animated film that I’d like to make as a hobby one day. I mean we can make Ahab such a villain in the style of Frollo. Instead of being obsessed by his lust, he’ll be obsessed with revenge against his aquatic foe. I’m even picturing a song a la “Hellfire” that he’ll sing while looking out from the ship and the song would get more and more intense as the waves get more and more intense signifying his obsession.

        All thoughts copyrighted by me!

  1. Moby Dick? Sounds interesting but if I were to make an animated film, it would be based on The Call of the Wild by Jack London. 🙂

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