New Discord and Instagram Social Media Pages

I’m here to announce that I have a brand-new Discord Server and Instagram page devoted to both this blog and my second blog, My Live Action Disney Project. Feel free to join them and interact with me there if you so choose!


Instagram: @the.anim.comm

5-Year Blogoversary!


Five years ago today, I started this blog, The Animation Commendation! Five years ago today, I joined the online fandom community of animation lovers! Five years ago today, I made like-minded friends with whom I could share my passions and interests! Five years ago today, without sounding too schmaltzy, my life has definitely changed!

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3-Year Anniversary!


Happy anniversary to me! It’s 3 years since I’ve joined the blogging world with this blog! So much has happened since then: Disney Canon project, Top 13 lists, Animated Film Reviews, Live-Action Disney blog, Pixar project, WWTBAM games, etc.

So, I just wanna thank all of you readers for making this journey an enjoyable one and sticking with me through thick and thin!

2-Year Anniversary!


Wow, it felt like just yesterday that I had my 1-year anniversary! I actually would have totally forgotten about this had it not been for WordPress themselves reminding me about it!

Anyway, thanks to all my amazing followers for sticking with me for two years! I feel I haven’t done as much with this blog as I did in the first year, but at least I’m still going!

So tell me in the comments something or some things that you like about this blog and about me, because I always love hearing about myself 😉 !

Take care!

Liebster Award (April 13, 2014)


Well, it’s that time of year again: the time of year when a blogger gets tagged by another blogger.

And this time I’ve been tagged with the Liebster Award by THE ANIMATION FILES.

The rules are quite simple indeed. All I have to do is:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that they’ve asked.
  3. Nominate 11 other blogs (with less than 500 followers).
  4. Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let your nominees know that you’ve chosen them with a comment.



Now, let’s get on to answering the questions!

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It’s been a year since I started this blog!!!! WOO!!!!


I never thought I’d have the stamina to keep up with a blog, much less keep up with it for a year. Nor did I think much people would read it, but I have over 120 subscribers! Thanks so much to you all for making this a successful blog! Hopefully my other blog, “My Live Action Disney Project” will become just as popular!

In honor of my one-year anniversary, let me know in the comments what your favorite post on my blog has been and what your least favorite has been.

Thanks once again!

Questions Regarding My Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters Project

Hey readers,

As you may know, I’ve finished my Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters Project. I’m currently working on a conclusion where I wrap up the project and my thoughts regarding the journey. I would also like to answer any questions you may have in it. So if you have any questions regarding the project and my journey through it, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them in my forthcoming conclusion.



Hey all,

I just wanted you lovers of animation to know about a site that I love called Rotoscopers. It’s a site run by other animation fanatics wherein they post the latest news in animated films as well as provide animation-related podcasts and reviews. They also have a Youtube channel wherein they post animation-related video reviews and discussions.

It’s an incredible site and probably my favorite site for animation news because of its relatable content. It has wonderful, friendly people running the site and has an easy-to-maneuver website. If you’re an animation addict, please check them out at