5-Year Blogoversary!


Five years ago today, I started this blog, The Animation Commendation! Five years ago today, I joined the online fandom community of animation lovers! Five years ago today, I made like-minded friends with whom I could share my passions and interests! Five years ago today, without sounding too schmaltzy, my life has definitely changed!

I was hesitant to start my first blog (as you can see in my first post here) as I didn’t know how well I could write, if anybody would want to follow me, and if I would want to keep this up for so long. Nevertheless, I made that first step and I’m incredibly glad that I did so! The first project that I did on this blog was the Forgotten/Minor Characters project for the Disney Canon. That led me to start doing animation reviews, some animation news, the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition games, and the Forgotten/Minor Characters project for the Pixar and DreamWorks Animation films!

After creating this blog, I eventually created my second blog, My Live Action Disney Project, and became a news contributor for the animation site, Rotoscopers. I also made a Twitter account (@The_Anim_Comm) to be able to share my blog posts as well as to connect with more animation and Disney lovers! And recently, I created an Instagram account for my blog posts (the.animation.commendation).

I couldn’t have done all this without all the help and support from all you readers and lovers of this blog! In five years, I have amassed 383 followers, which isn’t the most ever, but it’s a number that I’m really happy with! It’s big enough to be considered part of a blogging community!

What do I have planned for the next five years? Well, I enjoy blogging, so I hope that I’ll still be blogging here in five years when I’m…31 years old! Keep looking out for more animation reviews, animation news, more entries in my DreamWorks Animation-Forgotten/Minor Characters project, as well as a new season of WWTBAM-Animation Edition!

Once again, thank you to one and all!

22 thoughts on “5-Year Blogoversary!”

  1. Congratulations. The years seem to have gone by so quickly. You’re definitely one of the most supportive people to everyone that I have seen in the online animation community.

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