Surprise Puzzle Revealed!


Well, it’s finally happened! Somebody has figured out the surprise puzzle and that somebody is a frequent visitor to this blog, Ophiuchus! So, a big hand for him!


Now, what’s the answer to the surprise puzzle? Well, it’s:


So what do I mean by “Live Action Disney Movies Reviews”? Well, recently I got to thinking what I would do after I completed my Disney Canon Project (it’s nearing its end) and I got to thinking about Disney’s live-action films. We all know that Disney is a conglomerate when it comes to animation, but Disney has also shown amazing prowess with their live-action films! Ever since the beginning years with films such as “Song of the South”, “So Dear to My Heart”, and “Treasure Island” all the way to recent years with films such as the “National Treasure” series, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, “Oz: The Great and Powerful”, “The Lone Ranger”, etc., Disney has shown themselves to provide good, enjoyable, live-action entertainment.


And I got to thinking: Why not devote a new project just for the live-action Disney movies? Nobody has done that before (at least to my knowledge); everybody usually talks about the animated Disney Canon. And that’s where my surprise comes in!

Starting on the week of August 11, I’ll be launching a new blog in which my goal will be to watch and review EVERY SINGLE THEATRICALLY RELEASED LIVE ACTION DISNEY FILM EVER MADE! Well, not EVERY SINGLE one; for example, I won’t be reviewing the documentaries nor would I be doing live-action films released by other subsidiary divisions of Disney such as Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Marvel Studios, etc. Basically, I’ll be watching and reviewing all the theatrically released live-action films that are PURELY DISNEY!

Have I emphasized this point enough?
Have I emphasized this point enough?

And these reviews will be different from my current “My Thoughts” section on this blog. Right now, my “My Thoughts” involves a brief synopsis of the film with some of my thoughts and a comparison ranking at the end. On my new blog, I’ll be going very detailed into the plots of the films (so they will be very spoiler-filled) as well as giving each film a percentage rating at the end (through my own personal ranking system). This way, the reviews will be, hopefully, fun to read!

And as you might have thought, each review will be quite long! So, I plan to update the new blog every week, so that every week we can explore a new amazing live-action Disney film together!


So that’s my new dream project and plan! And in the end, it doesn’t matter how I feel about it as long as you all like and support it! So please tell me in the comments how you feel about this and whether or not you’re excited about it! Your input will be greatly appreciated!

12 thoughts on “Surprise Puzzle Revealed!”

  1. I probably shouldn’t have read this post as I played blog catch-up. So now the surprise is revealed. Sigh. But congrats to the solver. And congrats on your new project.

  2. Hey, Mark! Love the surprise! It’ll be nice to see some of the Pirates films reviewed!

    I just thought of something today: I remember when I was little, I really loved all of those Scooby-Doo movies they made! I’ve not seen some of the later ones, granted, but some of the earlier ones were awesome. I know you reviewed ‘Music of the Vampire’ (which I wonder if I would like or not), so maybe you could review some others!

    My favourite movies when I was little were ‘Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island’, ‘Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost’ and ‘Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders’. I used to watch them all the time! As luck would have it, I think those were the first three movies made (which is probably why they were so awesome).

    *sigh* This brings back memories. I really should watch them all again some day…


    1. I’m glad that you like the surprise and hope that you follow my new blog!

      I’m also a huge fan of the direct-to-DVD animated Scooby-Doo movies; but the problem is that I’ve seen almost all of them and I don’t like reviewing movies here if I’ve seen them already. So when I watched “Music of the Vampire”, that was the first time I saw it, hence I put my thoughts on it here.

      The only one I haven’t seen yet is “The Legend of the Phantasaur”, so you may be in luck!

  3. Great idea! Can’t wait to see your reviews on yet another Johnny Depp Disney film (is it just me, or are all his ‘characters’ starting to mesh into one?). Nonetheless, I still love him! LOL!

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