Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #46: The Alien Cop

chicken little alien cop

So after Disney made the horrifying announcement that “Home on the Range” would be their last traditionally animated feature, we were anxiously waiting to see what their new fully CGI films would be like. And the first fully CGI film to be released was none other than “Chicken Little”.

Released in 2005, the film wasn’t a financial disappointment; but it definitely didn’t do that well with critics. A majority of people hates this movie or at least considers it to be amongst Disney’s weakest. I (as I’ve explained in an earlier post) actually enjoy this film. Sure, it’s stupid and the characters aren’t likable for the most part, but I just can’t help enjoying this movie every time I see it (which has been only twice, so far). So what’s the movie about?

Well, it’s about Chicken Little, of course, who claims that a piece of the sky “shaped like a stop sign” has fallen on his head. The problem though is that the sky-piece seems to be missing and instead seems to be replaced by an acorn. This gets the entire town (including Chicken Little’s father) believing that Chicken Little got hit on the head with an acorn and erroneously assumed it to be an octagonal sky-piece!

Chicken Little feels bad about this and deals with taunting and stigma for AN ENTIRE YEAR until he finally proves himself to be worth something when he wins the baseball game for his school! What’s the problem though? The same night after his victory, he gets hit on the head by an octagonal sky-piece again! This time, the sky-piece stays visible and Chicken Little realizes that it has the ability to camouflage itself to its surroundings, which explained why he couldn’t find it during his previous incident.

To be honest, I'd be scared too if an octagonal sky-piece fell in my bedroom!
To be honest, I’d be scared too if an octagonal sky-piece fell in my bedroom!

With the help of his friends, Abby Mallard, Fish Out of Water, and Runt of the Litter, he tries to find where the octagonal sky-piece came from and solve this mystery!

Fish Out of Water is the only one brave enough to play around with it! Or maybe he's the only one stupid enough to play around with it!
Fish Out of Water is the only one brave enough to play around with it! Or maybe he’s the only one stupid enough to play around with it!

So where does our forgotten/minor character come in? Well, I have to admit that I have to reveal a few SPOILERS in order to talk about our forgotten/minor character, so don’t read further if you haven’t seen the film yet!

"This is your last chance to turn back, that is!"
“This is your last chance to turn back, that is!”

Apparently, the octagonal sky-piece was a panel that fell out of a UFO. A married alien couple had actually landed on Earth. Every year, they stop on our planet to pick up acorns to give to the in-laws when they make their annual family visit. But, on their most recent trip, they accidentally left their son behind and erroneously think that the Earthlings have kidnapped him! So, they return to Earth with the entire intergalactic armada destroying everything in sight, in order to retrieve their son!


Yeah, you can see why people don’t like this movie! But, bear with me!

In the end, the alien parents get back their son and, after realizing that they were the ones who left their son behind, undo all the damage and destruction that they’ve caused. Who supervises this reconstruction: our forgotten/minor character, the alien cop!

Why did I choose him? Well, first of all, he’s definitely forgotten/minor, as he only appears for a few seconds.

Meets the requirements!
Meets the technical requirements!

Secondly, his design is super-cool, in my opinion! I love his tri-shades thing as well as his nigh invisible mustache and pleasing blue color!

Meets the aesthetic requirements!
Meets the aesthetic requirements!

Thirdly, he’s voiced by Patrick Warburton! That’s instant awesome points right there!

Meets the awesomeness requirements!
Meets the awesomeness requirements!

And lastly, he does all he can to make a situation better that he himself helped create. That is an attitude that many of us need to utilize in our daily lives and an attitude that is worth commending!

Meets the role model requirements!
Meets the role model requirements!

For those reasons, and possibly others, I decided to make him our 46th forgotten/minor character!

"Ha! We're much more powerful than he is!"
“Ha! We’re much more powerful than he is!”
"Let's get ready to rumble!"
“Let’s get ready to rumble!”

11 thoughts on “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #46: The Alien Cop”

    1. GASP! You’ve not seen all of the Disney Canon? That’s like the base requirement for being a Disney fanatic!

      I’m just kidding! I know there are Disney fanatics who haven’t seen the entire Disney Canon. I myself didn’t see the entire canon until last year. But, I’m glad that I have seen it now!

      1. I am more of a Park based fanatic but am working on the movies…I joined the Disney Movie Club last year, which is addicting and my collection is quickly growing! So you have seen all Disney movies or all animated Disney movies? How many are there?

      2. Well, I’ve seen what we call the animated Disney Canon. Basically it’s all the theatrically released animated Disney films that have been produces and released by the main animation studio itself. This excludes animated Disney movies that were produced by other companies along with Disney (eg. the Pixar movies, the motion-capture movies, the animated Tim Burton movies, Valiant, The Wild, etc.)

        So there are currently 52 films in the animated Disney Canon. For a list of them, click on the tab on the top of my page where it says “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters Index”. That will give you the list of the films in the animated Disney Canon.

  1. Yeah, this film is a hot mess. Definitely did not enjoy it. I actually forgot most of the characters in the movie, but I wish I forgot everything about it. Every movie has it’s fans.

  2. Sheesh, how many Disney films has Patrick Warburton starred in? “Emperor’s New Groove”, “Home on the Range” (briefly as that one horse Buck scared off), this. He must like that Disney cash!

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