Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #52: Markowski

markowski wreck it ralph 2

The day is finally here! We’ve come to the last film in the Disney Canon, hence the last entry of my Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters Project.


Sigh…well, can’t cry now; we have to get through this. We are in the year 2012 and in the film, “Wreck-It Ralph”.

The film, about a video game bad guy who wants to be treated better by his good guy game companions, became a HUGE success at the box office and with critics and was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. I won’t discuss the plot of the film, since pretty much everybody’s seen it, so let’s go straight to our forgotten/minor character.

I actually was undecided as to which character to choose as the forgotten/minor character of this film. My first choice was Kohut.

whos he

He’s a soldier in the game, Hero’s Duty who tells Felix Sergeant Calhoun’s back-story.

"Calhoun was programmed with the most tragic back-story ever!"
“Calhoun was programmed with the most tragic back-story ever!”

And…yeah, that’s pretty much all we can say about him. He’s definitely forgotten/minor, but a bad pick since I couldn’t write much about him, so he was dropped.

"Are you sure it's not because you're racist, The Animation Commendation?"
“What am I? A sack of potatoes that you can drop when you deem fit! I do NOT want you to give me a tragic back-story!”

My second choice was Dr. Brad Scott.

whos he

Well, you all actually know this one. Dr. Brad Scott is actually the name of Sergeant Calhoun’s fiancé. His name is never mentioned in the film, but now you know what it is. Granted, he’s not a forgettable character, since we see constant flashbacks featuring him, but he’s definitely a minor one, so that was a good sign.

brad scott wreck it ralph
“Of course it was a good sign, I mean, just look at me!”

Not only that, but he’s apparently a scientist. Wow! What type of science did he excel in? How did he meet Sergeant Calhoun? How did she fall for him? How did his science affect the game, Hero’s Duty? As you can see, choosing Dr. Brad Scott would’ve opened many doors to me if I wanted to write about him. But in the end, I figured he was too memorable a character to be considered forgotten/minor.

"You ain't dynamite, bro!"
“You ain’t dynamite, bro!”
"Fun fact: Did you know that my voice actor was named Brandon Scott?"
“Fun fact: Did you know that my voice actor was named Brandon Scott?”
"That just makes things so much more complicated."
“That just makes things so much more complicated.”

In the end, I decided to go with Markowski as the forgotten/minor character. He’s not really a forgotten character either, but he’s less memorable than Dr. Brad Scott as we only see him once. He’s the soldier in Tapper’s whose armor is taken by Wreck-It Ralph. Had Wreck-It Ralph not taken Markowski’s armor, he’d never have got the medal, hence never have lost it, hence never have met up with Vanellope, hence never have threatened Sugar Rush’s existence, hence never have solved the mystery, hence never have provided a premise for this movie to be made!

"I was the one thing keeping this movie in existence! THE ONE THING!"
“I was the one thing keeping this movie in existence! THE ONE THING!”

So, Markowski’s appearance is where the crux of the film lies! He’s a minor character, yet quite important. I always wondered what happened to Markowski afterwards. Is he still in the closet? If so (or even if not), I wonder if he knows what happened. And if so, how does he feel about everything that’s happened?

"Oh yeah, I'm awake. But if pretending to be unconscious is the only thing that's gonna keep me away from those frightening bugs, then I'm dead to the world forever more!"
“Oh yeah, I’m awake. But if pretending to be unconscious is the only thing that’s gonna keep me away from those frightening bugs, then I’m dead to the world forever more!”

Oh well, Markowski, you might have been minor, but you’re major in my blog.

"Negatory! I'm actually a private. A very...private private...I don't like attention."
“Negatory! I’m actually a private. A very…private private…I don’t like attention.”





Don’t say your goodbyes yet. I know this is the last film in the Disney Canon, but I have one more post to write for my project: a conclusion where I look back at the near year-long journey that I made through the Disney Canon and wrap up the project. As Scar would say,

be prepared scar

19 thoughts on “Disney Canon-Forgotten/Minor Characters #52: Markowski”

  1. That is good for you that you accomplished this. It was clear thy this was important to you. I am assuming you like the movie (you never said it in the blog), and I remember the character. He is cool. I am sure you are gonna tell us what is next for you to do on the conclusion post.

    1. Thanks, yeah I’m looking forward to the conclusion post.

      Honestly, when I saw this the first time, I didn’t like the movie. Vanellope was such a rude brat, the story was somewhat simple, etc. But after re-watching it now, I’ve gained an appreciation for it. It’s not a favorite, but the animation and designs are amazing!

  2. I particularly like how Markowski, once he’s in the closet, ends up inexplicably dressed up like Zangief, without the bear-fighting scars. Actually, I’m not sure Zangief’s bikini underwear is spiked.

  3. What an awesome series this has been!! Markowski’s a good pick, though I remember him well, since I’ve seen Wreck-It Ralph a ton of times on DVD.
    Glad you’ll be posting once more about this series.

  4. Well, in Poland he isn’t forgotten, because he was voiced by Grzegorz Markowski, famous singer and leader of polishrock band Perfekt ;]

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