‘The Boxtrolls’ Opens At #3!


LAIKA’s latest offering (after Caroline and ParaNorman), The Boxtrolls, has opened up in the #3 spot in the weekend box office. The film about a boy who grows up with a bunch of trolls named the Boxtrolls, opened up with a $17 million gross in the US/Canada box office. Against a $60 million budget, the film may prove to be financially successful in the weeks to come. And with the reviews slightly leaning towards the positive side, that may happen sooner than later.

Have you seen the film? What did you think of it? If not, do you plan to see it?

11 thoughts on “‘The Boxtrolls’ Opens At #3!”

  1. I haven’t seen this, and I’m not sure if I want to. The film doesn’t seem super compelling to me, but I think it’s interesting that it had such a large opening. Have you seen it? Do you recommend it?

  2. I will probably check it out. Maybe closer to Halloween. I liked Paranorman and this looks interesting.

  3. I saw it and loved it. A really original fun story that will entertain and make kids think about social structures, labels and class. Just a lot of fun. I would see it in the theater or at least in high def bluray

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