Trailer #2 For ‘Inside Out’ Debuts!

The second trailer for the upcoming Pixar film, Inside Out, has debuted and I’m soooo ready for this film!

What are your thoughts? I’m loving how we see the emotions of the parents too, but if I told my parents to shut up, I wouldn’t be sent to my room; I’d be dead, lol!

9 thoughts on “Trailer #2 For ‘Inside Out’ Debuts!”

    1. Yeah, I’m getting more and more excited too. And I honestly don’t think that Pixar CAN screw this one up.

      I originally wanted the humans to be silent and for all their “talking” to just be through their emotions, but now that I see how they’re going to work it, I’m excited!

  1. SOOO excited! I thought it was just going to be inside the girls head but now I know there are at least 3 characters I am pumped.

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