‘Home’ Makes Itself At Home!


Dreamworks Animation’s latest film, Home, surprised many critics and audiences by opening at the #1 spot in the weekend box office with a $52 million gross! The film, which many (myself included) deemed it sure to fail provided a much-needed boost to the already-faltering Dreamworks Animation.

Did you see the film? How was it? Do you think Dreamworks Animation can pull itself out from under?

14 thoughts on “‘Home’ Makes Itself At Home!”

  1. I thought Home looked pretty lame when I saw the first trailers, and I don’t really have any interest in seeing it, but maybe I should to support Dreamworks. I might see it. It’s currently number 1 in cinemas in Sweden, before Insurgent and Cinderella.

    I think Dreamworks can work themselves back, KFP3 should draw audiences.

  2. This is an adequate babysitter to small children but that’s about it. I really didn’t care for it. I think it will likely take a big dive in week 2 and it was so expensive to make I don’t see it being the Savior Dreamworks needs but am surprised it did so well.

  3. I don’t plan on watching this anytime soon. It just doesn’t look like something that Dreamwork would even set out to achieve. C’mon Dreamworks, let’s avoid that route now, your better then this.

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