WWTBAM-Animation Edition Episode 2: Chelsea Robson

Here’s episode 2 of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition game. This time, I have awesome Rotoscoper and Co-Host of the Animation Addicts Podcast, Chelsea Robson as my contestant.

You can find Chelsea at the Rotoscopers website as well as her main site, chelsearobson.com.

6 thoughts on “WWTBAM-Animation Edition Episode 2: Chelsea Robson”

  1. Small suggestions: It might be better to make a video to explain the rules to which you link back, brief your contestants before the recording and then jump directly into the game. It’s really tedious to watch the explanation again and again.
    Urg…all the voice actor questions are really difficult for me. I admit I only knew the first one because you mentioned the characters and the second one I had no clue at all…I haven’t even watch Over the Hedge yet.
    In general, I think you go a little bit too difficult a little bit too fast. If you ask for voice casts, you should stick to the better known movies at this point, and if you want to know something about the slightly less popular or obscure ones, you should ask something which someone who has watched them at one point would know.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Most of my players already know the rules pretty much, so I just go over them again for the viewers. But, I think I’ll just try to condense my explanation to a mere couple of sentences similar to how they do in the real WWTBAM game show.

      Well, I do stand by my ‘Over the Hedge’ question because I do feel that anyone who’s seen the movie and looked at the voice cast list would know the answer since Tiger does have a good number of lines to deliver.

      I also don’t consider ‘Over the Hedge’ to be that obscure an animated film for the 5th question. Remember there are only 12 questions, so the 5th is pretty much halfway through almost. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. Over the Hedge has an extremely large cast. I might have had a fighting chance at knowing one of the leads but some random French voice actor seems like a tough question for middle rounds. I don’t know anyone who would have gotten that question right.

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