WWTBAM-Animation Edition Episode 3: AJ Howell

Here’s Episode 3 of my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Animation Edition game with AJ Howell as my contestant. Will he make it to the million? Let’s find out! (I apologize for my bad sound quality in this episode; I don’t know how it happened.)

You can find more of AJ on rotoscopers.com and check out his upcoming blog at therecordracks.blogspot.com.

16 thoughts on “WWTBAM-Animation Edition Episode 3: AJ Howell”

  1. Okay…I am officially odd…I haven’t even heart of the comic strip and have no idea what Don Bluth is currently up to. But The Old Mill question was easy and even though I don’t even read TinTin, I had a pretty good guess which comic book it was.

    1. Thanks for commenting! The Don Bluth question is somewhat easy, I think, for people who live in America/deal with animation sites like Rotoscopers, because his Front Row Theatre is talked about a lot.

      And yeah, I feel all, if not most Disney fans know the Old Mill question.

  2. Hey he made it pretty far but I really think that middle section is too hard. I mean the 3 of us know a lot about animation and if none us made it through that says something. I say retool it and a rematch!

    1. All the questions up to the 32,000 point questions are things that I knew and didn’t need to look up/research. Only the top 4 questions are the ones that I didn’t know and had to look it up.

      So, I guess I somewhat use that as a judge to what people may know and may not know, but I guess it could be unfair.

      1. I would also change the lifeline to maybe one google option because the phone thing doesn’t seem to be working.

        But to each their own. If you are happy with it that’s what matters. It’s your blog/channel/game.

      2. Yeah I guess so but maybe since you know the answer you could give an additional clue for one lifeline?

      3. I had originally wanted to do an “Ask the Expert” lifeline, where I’d give these questions to some “animation expert” and let he/she answer them, and then the contestant would get to peek to see what the expert answered.

        But, all the people I wanted to use for the expert position either had busy schedules or were contestants. If I do a second season of this, I’d love to have you as the animation expert.

      4. Ah thanks for thinking of me. 🙂 I’d lead many astray on the non-movie questions I’m afraid.

        I think like anything else you try it and then make little course corrections for round 2.

      1. Fair enough. As long as your happy than that’s what matters. I just think it would be more fun if that middle round wasnt so obscure and difficult.

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