My Thoughts: HOME (2015)


I don’t understand it….I just don’t understand it. I’m not complaining, but I just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all! Maybe I just can’t see it? Maybe I’m just not the smartest bulb among a group of vegetables? I mean, Dreamworks Animation’s fate was hanging by a thread; it needed a savior. THIS film was the savior?! I mean, Disney was in a similar situation years ago and Cinderella saved them which is something I can understand. But, Home is Dreamworks Animation’s savior?!

Alright, let’s just talk about the movie.

Home tells the story of an alien race called the Boov who run from planet to planet to escape their enemy, the Gorg. The Boov’s most recent relocation happens to be towards the planet Earth. Of course, Earth is already inhabited, so they have to conveniently get rid of the people living there by moving them all towards a small corner of the world, in this case, Australia. Hmm…sounds a lot like America’s foreign policy in the past.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" "Aright, alright, I take it back!"
“Aright, alright, I take it back!”

One Boov named Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons, stands out from the others Boovs. While all the Booves respect and obey their leader, Captain, Smek, voiced by Steve Martin, they’re not particularly friendly or curious. Oh, on the other hand, is incredibly curious and friend-seeking that he verges on being annoying resulting in him having no friends.

"Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely, I have nobody for my own."
“Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely, I have nobody for my own.”

Oh soon bumps into a young human girl (who missed the Australian Relocation)

I'm sure that's how Wikipedia will denote it!
I’m sure that’s how Wikipedia will denote it!

named Tip, voiced by Rihanna.

"Why are you saying that like it's a bad thing?"
“Why are you saying that like it’s a bad thing?”

The two don’t get along mostly since Tip hates Oh and his kind for colonizing her home and relocating the population including her mother, voiced by Jennifer Lopez. Yep, it really does sound like the effects of America’s foreign policy.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" "Aright, alright, sheesh!"
“Aright, alright, sheesh!”

But, Tip soon learns to work with Oh as she needs his help to find her mom. And Oh needs Tip’s help (mostly her bad driving skills) to correct a faux pas that he made that could accidentally warn the Gorg of the Boovs’ location.

T Minus 40 Hours!
T Minus 40 Hours!

This movie is as clumsy and as bad as you could possibly imagine it to be. It’s just stupid! The story just seems childish and aimed for extremely young kids.

The voice acting is not incredibly terrible, but it’s nothing to be praiseworthy of, as is the animation. But, the only two positive things that I can say about this movie are that firstly, I like how some of the Boovs’ lives are portrayed. For example, they actually use bubbles to transport and carry things in. They have circular transparent tablet-type things for communication purposes. It’s a bit more sophisticated than I expected the Boov to have.

Imagine how much easier this way of storage and carrying would be!
Imagine how much easier this way of storage and carrying would be!

The second positive thing that I can say about this film is that I love the message it gives about colonialism/imperialism and how one nation getting involved in another nation, even if for its own “well-being”, almost always results in a negative effect!

But, none of that can actually save the movie. It’s a stupid and frustrating movie to see and you’ll feel like your intelligence is being insulted. I’m glad that Dreamworks Animation is still alive and kicking, but I’ll never understand how THIS was the film that saved it!


17 thoughts on “My Thoughts: HOME (2015)”

  1. I know I have been out of the loop this year, but how was this film DreamWork`s savior? It did not make a lot of money, and it received less than mixed reviews from the season.

    It is sad that starting the year, I thought this would be one of the worst films, but now it is one of the best. Yikes.

    1. In fairness you haven’t seen most of the good animated films of the year as we’ve discussed on other posts. If after seeing When Marnie was There and Shaun the Sheep you still think this is one of worst of year I’ll be shocked

      1. I meant to say best. If you still think it is one of the best I’ll be shocked. Those are good movies.

  2. I think Savior is probably too strong a word. With the operating budget it still didn’t make much. It just had a stronger than expected domestic box office which matters most by Hollywood.

    That said, I thought it was awful. The characters are inconsistent. I was never sure how old Tip was supposed to be. And Oh was sometimes smart, sometimes stupid, sometimes knew how to use human stuff sometimes didnt. And how did they make all the houses for all the humans in the whole world and never learn about something as simple as humans live in families! The villains were lame and the plot is basically a road trip story we’ve seen a million times. There are a million plotholes.

    The only thing I can really say about it is it is bright and colorful and I did like some of the songs but they belonged in a different movie.

    I think I might like Turbo better than this! Sigh…

    1. I totally agree with your sentiments; it’s truly awful! Which is why I even put in the rating that this might even be tied with ‘Turbo’ if not better than it. They’re both the same type and level of horribility.

      It’s what I’d expect from a 3rd-party direct-to-DVD animated film that you find at the bottom of Redbox machines than what I’d expect from a theatrically-released Dreamworks film!

  3. The movie just looks stupid. Movies like this are why animated films, and “kids’ movies” in general, have a bad name.

  4. When I reviewed it I wrote that it was just a huge tool designed to sell Rihanna’s albums. The film wasn’t even subtle about it! I don’t understand it either.

  5. I was meh when I first watched it but after watching it over and over and over with son, I fell in love with it. I agree with the parralelles you drew with the foreign policy of this country. Now…Have you seen the Netflix series buddy? I love it! Especially the character of Sherzod (Voice of Run Funches) “Dang!” It’s on replay all day as I work at home with the baby “Dang” in my Sherzod voice lol! ttys

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