‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Gets Two Teaser Trailers!

In a show of awesomeness, we’ve been blessed with not just one, but TWO teaser trailers in the past week for the upcoming 2017 animated film, The LEGO Batman Movie. Check them out below and let me know which of the two you prefer and whether or not you’re interested in the movie. I, for one, am quite interested in the film and prefer the second trailer!

12 thoughts on “‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Gets Two Teaser Trailers!”

  1. I liked the first LEGO movie and thought it wasn’t a kid movie lol. I would also have to say that I like the second trailer too. So full of himself but that’s the point and it’s entertaining. *Everything is awesome* <—–another song that's very catchy and hard to get rid of…once planted in your mind haha!

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