Benedict Cumberbatch Set to Voice the Grinch!


In news that I’m quite excited about, actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast to voice the character of the Grinch in Illumination Entertainment’s upcoming animated adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Set to be released on November 17, 2017, hopefully this will be the first film adaptation of a work by Dr. Seuss to actually be good! You can find more here.

15 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch Set to Voice the Grinch!”

  1. I think the 2008 version of Horton Hears a Who was pretty decent. Apart from the bizarre anime sequence.

      1. Well, reading the original books is usually good for that.

        But honestly some of the old adaptations weren’t so bad like the 1972 Lorax special.

      2. I actually have some nostalgia for the 2003 Cat in the Hat because I was very young when I saw it and I actually remember enjoying it enough to watch it twice in the theater. But I didn’t mention it because I haven’t seen it in years and I know most people disagree with me.

      3. I think I’m afraid to watch it again, but when I was a child I didn’t have high standards and it was a fun way to spend an afternoon at the movies. And I typically didn’t watch live-action movies at the time, either. That only started when I was 10.

  2. I was not excited about this film until I heard about Benedict casting. I still not high on Illumination exec Meledandri’s vision for the film. It sounds a little ‘make the mean guy nice’ like Maleficent to me.

  3. Wow. I’m surprised they’re remaking that. But I can’t blame them for casting Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m looking forward to Doctor Strange. This one not so much. But I think Benedict is a good choice.

    1. Yeah, Illumination Entertainment announced for a while now that they were doing an animated Grinch movie. This is just the first news we have about it.

      There’s also a new animated Cat in the Hat movie planned, although I forget which company is helming that project.

  4. Are you kidding me?!? They’re doing ANOTHER Grinch movie? They should just stop with these Dr. Seuss remakes altogether. They’re pointless cash grabs that try and fail to fix something that was never broken…
    Wow, I went off on a tangent. Anyway, despite my little rant up there, we should all just wait and see what Benedict Cumberbatch and Illumination Entertainment bring to the table. I could be wrong, maybe it’ll be great. It’s just that the Dr. Seuss movie track record has me worried…

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