New ‘Trolls’ Trailer Debuts!

A new trailer for the upcoming Dreamworks Animation film, Trolls, has debuted. While the teaser trailer (that was released a few months ago) made the film seem pretty stupid, this trailer has made the film save face a bit. It’s set to be released on November 4, 2016 in the US. Are you excited for the film?

8 thoughts on “New ‘Trolls’ Trailer Debuts!”

  1. While, the animation looks great, I’m not sure about the movie overall. I really dislike it when they do pop music or celebrity voices. It rarely works in movies. I know it’s sort of DreamWorks thing, but I wish they would take a page from Disney, and look for actual acting, acting. I bet then they’d be a lot more successful. They have potential. They’re early films are really good and a few of their recent films are really good also.

  2. It looks cute, and I love the voice talent they were able to get, but this may have to wait until it’s available for rental. Maybe time will change my mind on that.

  3. I am so excited to see this. I know it looks foofy, but it is bright, colorful, and the design of both the characters and layout are unique. The music is great, too! CANT STOP THIS FEELIN!

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