‘The Boss Baby’ Trailer Debuts!

We have our first trailer for the upcoming 2017 Dreamworks Animation film, The Boss Baby.

I personally feel that this is a story that more befits a short rather than a full-length feature. I also feel that many of the voice actors don’t seem to match their characters. It was especially weird for me to hear Jimmy Kimmel’s voice coming out from the father! But, I’m still open to the film and haven’t written it off.

What do you think of the trailer and the film? It’s set to release in the US/Canada on March 31, 2017 and features the voices of Alec Baldwin, Miles Bakshi, Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Steve Buscemi.

10 thoughts on “‘The Boss Baby’ Trailer Debuts!”

  1. I wont hold back. I think this is one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen. It’s shockingly bad on every level. It reminded me of 9 Lives trailer

      1. The twerking Trolls trailer was really bad. This just looks awful from story idea to animation to everything

  2. I watched it on Grace’s new video, and………. yeah. DreamWorks makes it really hard to support them. When you want to root for them, something like…… this happens. Have they learned anything since 2012?

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