Happy 10th Blogoversary!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I still remember the day that I created this blog. 

I was sitting in a college classroom attending a computer programming lecture and was bored. So I pulled out my laptop, created a WordPress account, and The Animation Commendation was born!

I had been thinking about creating a blog before this moment though. I wanted to share my love of animation with likeminded people and became inspired by the blog of unshavedmouse and his review of the Disney Canon that was taking place at the time.

I started out posting animation-related news and the OGs will remember my Forgotten/Minor Characters project that I did for the Disney Canon and later for Pixar and DreamWorks Animation films.

At first, I was hesitant to write reviews as I didn’t think myself qualified enough to do so. But after some advice and assurance from unshavedmouse himself, I started writing animated film reviews with Battle for Terra being the first.

Again, the OGs will remember my original rating system wherein instead of grading a film with a letter grade or a ranking out of 10, I would compare the film to similar films/other films in its franchise and say which was better or worse.

Eventually this led to the creation of my second blog less than a year later, My Live Action Disney Project. I had wanted to watch every theatrically-released live-action Disney film ever made and figured why not share this with others who would be interested. And by then, I was a bit more confident in my review-writing.

As I continued blogging, I started doing Top 13 lists (because Top 10 was too common and Top 11 was already taken by the Nostalgia Critic).  And I would eventually join the Rotoscopers team, writing animation-related news articles for them.

What I’m most proud of on this blog is the game show I created: WWTBAM-Animation Edition! I have always been huge into game shows and trivia and wished to participate in an animation-themed game show. This led to me deciding to create my own animation-themed game show following the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire format that I could play with fellow animation-loving friends. I’ve currently gone through 8 seasons of it and have plans for even more!

And I would meet so many wonderful people in the animation and Disney fandoms via social media when I had a Twitter account (which I created and deleted like twice) as well as an Instagram account (which I also created and deleted like twice, but currently still have). I’ve even been asked to appear on other creators’ blogs and channels over the years including Rachel Wagner, Jonathan North, and The Dis Quiz.

All in all, I’ve had such a wonderful time blogging these past ten years! And while I feel the world has moved on from blogging, it’s something that I still want to continue at least for a little while longer. I don’t know what the future of this blog will hold, but I’ll still be here doing what I can. Thank you all for sticking with me this past decade and here’s to ten more years!

6 thoughts on “Happy 10th Blogoversary!”

  1. Congratulations!!! I hope you’ll return to reviews one day, for yours were very interesting, but anyhow, keep up the good work!

  2. Belated congratulations! Ten years is an impressive commitment. I’ve had a great time with your quiz over the years, and thanks for your early support of my efforts! (I think you were one of my first subscribers).

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