What Happened To My Animation History Class?


In January, I wrote a post stating how I’m taking an animated film history class this semester and that I’d keep updating my blog with my progress of the class, new information that I’ve learned, and the projects that I’ve completed. But as you’ve noticed (or probably not noticed), I didn’t write anything else about my class! Well, the semester is near its end and I’ve taken the final exam for my class.

The reason that I didn’t write anything about my class here I guess, is because I was concentrating on my Disney Canon project and didn’t want to spend time talking about other things. Also, the amount of information that I learned from this class was quite extensive, so I didn’t know really where to start.

But maybe, when I finish my Disney Canon project, I may write posts about what I’ve learned in my class. Thanks for the patience, all!

My Animation History Class!


Well as you all know, I’m a HUGE fan of animated films. And this semester in college, I’m taking a course entitled FIL 4040: History of American Animated Films! It’s like a dream come true to actually meet other people who are interested and nerdy about animation, animated films, and its history. So just thought I’d let you all know and if I learn anything interesting, I’ll try to post it on my blog here. Also if there are any projects that I have to do, I’ll also try to post them on here. I’m sooo excited 😀 !