I’ve Got 25 Followers!

I've officially gone silver!
I’ve officially gone silver!

I have wanted to make a blog for a while to showcase my love of animation and Disney to the world and also to find other people with similar tastes! I hesitated and hesitated until I finally made one! I didn’t expect much people to look at it, but as time went on, I started getting more traffic, developing acquaintances, and having people actually follow my blog! And quite ironically after I reached the 25th film in my Disney Canon project, I also reached my 25th follower!

So to all of you who follow and read my blog, I thank you kindly for your support and interest in my blog! This post is a tribute to you all, so I’d also like to briefly talk about every one of you and your blogs! So read on for a list of my 25 followers:

1) scottyjo: A fellow lover of animation who does animation-related podcasts with friends and guest stars

2) inmydisneybubble: A fellow Disney addict who loves the theme parks and the movies

3) OMED-Josh: A film reviewer who’s made it his job to watch and review a movie every single day and has been doing so for the past 7 months

4) disneyballerina: A fellow blogger whose top two passions in the world are embedded in her username

5) Shannon Thompson: An accomplished writer and blogger who often gives invaluable writing tips for those interested in authoring stories, novels, screenplays, etc.

6) vihfig: A Spanish language blogger who posts phrases and quotes about her view of the world around her

7) Peter Naegele: A fellow Disney lover who posts interesting things regarding Walt Disney World Resort, Disney films, Disney-related documents, etc.

8) clawsomemanno: An avid book reader and reviewer with a penchant towards Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

9) carlobouh: A fellow film lover and film reviewer

10) caworld3: A fellow lover of animation who posts bucket-loads of information regarding the history of animation and its technical aspect

11) Aunty Muriel: A fellow lover of books with a shared love for the “Asterix” comics

12) kjustic23: A digital and interactive media major who has applied with the Disney College Program and I hope gets accepted

13) Júlio César: A fellow Disney lover and founder of “The Walt Disney Animation Studios Times”, a blog giving you all the latest regarding the animated Disney films

14) pakiwolfgirll: A fellow Disney lover who posts anything about Disney

15) divinespeechblog: A fellow Muslim blogger who posts Islamic-related posts for fellow Muslims regarding our faith and its teachings

16) The Eye-Dancers: An author of a few books, with one in particular entitled, “The Eye-Dancers”

17) remmovrev528491: A film reviewer with an interesting ranking system and quite often makes “Top 10” lists

18) Silk Road Collector: “An international company that offers private antique art sales to clients around the globe”

19) Gabriel: A fellow Disney and movie lover who’s also going through the Disney Canon films one at a time and writing posts about them

20) lonelyeskimo: “A production company taking a different approach to filmmaking and cinematography”

21) Chris Combs: A fellow Disney lover with a penchant for humorous Disney-related posts

22) beeminor: An artist and fellow Disney and movie lover with a similar penchant for “Top 13” lists

23) Blondie: An extremely talented artist, illustrator, and animator

24) naomi6492: A fellow movie lover and editor of the film section of “The Rabbit”

25) Chalkdust: A fellow movie lover who tells you about the movies he watches

Once again, thank you to all of you followers and supporters! My blog would probably be dead if it weren’t for you all!

Also, I know some of you better than others, so forgive me if I’ve made mistakes when describing you all above or if I’ve described you inadequately. If you’d like me to change your description, please just let me know! Thanks once more!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got 25 Followers!”

  1. Several things. First, congratulations on 25 followers! That’s great! Second, thank you for visiting and following our blog. We hope that you will get something useful/interesting from our blog when you visit. And third, although our emphasis is on accessibility and the Parks, we too love animation and will be following your blog to see what’s going on in the world of animation.

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