I’ve Got 75 Followers!

I’ve officially gone diamond!

Wow, I never thought that I’d ever make it to 75 followers; but it seems that I have! I’ve made posts when I got to 25 followers and 50 followers thanking and recognizing each one of them. So I shall do the same and continue from #51! Again, thanks to all of you who make my blog feel loved! Continue reading “I’ve Got 75 Followers!”

I’ve Got 50 Followers!

"I'm officially golden!"
“I’m officially golden!”

Well, I’ve hit another milestone!

When I started this blog, I never thought that I would have much followers, much less 50! So today’s post is all about you lovely people who make my blog what it is!

When I hit “25 followers”, I did a post thanking each one of them and giving each a shout-out with a description of them as well as a link to their blog. So I’ll be doing the same thing here continuing from #26!

So, once again, I’d like to thank the following people for following and reading my blog! If it weren’t for you all, my blog would be pointless. So without further ado, here are the names: Continue reading “I’ve Got 50 Followers!”

I’ve Got 25 Followers!

I've officially gone silver!
I’ve officially gone silver!

I have wanted to make a blog for a while to showcase my love of animation and Disney to the world and also to find other people with similar tastes! I hesitated and hesitated until I finally made one! I didn’t expect much people to look at it, but as time went on, I started getting more traffic, developing acquaintances, and having people actually follow my blog! And quite ironically after I reached the 25th film in my Disney Canon project, I also reached my 25th follower!

So to all of you who follow and read my blog, I thank you kindly for your support and interest in my blog! This post is a tribute to you all, so I’d also like to briefly talk about every one of you and your blogs! So read on for a list of my 25 followers: Continue reading “I’ve Got 25 Followers!”