I’ve Got 50 Followers!

"I'm officially golden!"
“I’m officially golden!”

Well, I’ve hit another milestone!

When I started this blog, I never thought that I would have much followers, much less 50! So today’s post is all about you lovely people who make my blog what it is!

When I hit “25 followers”, I did a post thanking each one of them and giving each a shout-out with a description of them as well as a link to their blog. So I’ll be doing the same thing here continuing from #26!

So, once again, I’d like to thank the following people for following and reading my blog! If it weren’t for you all, my blog would be pointless. So without further ado, here are the names:

26) Opinionated Man: An opinionated man with a popular blog promising “to offend everyone in the world at least once” with his words

27) handimouse: A fellow lover of Disney, who proves that even with a disability, one can still enjoy the Disney Parks

28) unshavedmouse: A lover of animated films and Disney who does hilarious reviews of all the Disney Canon films biweekly (also the blogger who inspired me to start a blog on WordPress, as well as the first blogger that I ever followed)

29) disneydoll: A fellow Disney lover professing a “magical life”

30) Mooselicker: A fellow lover of movies, Disney, and parody who frequently posts on the Kids Showz blog

31) edithajemmet: A writer, artist, creator, and inventor

32) History/Herstory: A blogger of interesting historical facts as well as a professor of the fact that history will always be “HIS/HER Story”

33) Summer Lambert: A fellow Pixar lover and blogger of all news Pixar

34) L. Marie: “An aspiring writer of fantasy for kids and teens” with love for life, movies, and animation

35) JAHirsch: A writer and book reviewer trying to learn the Australian language

36) Kenzie (manimation): A fellow lover of Disney and animation as well as my number one commenter

37) Aravind Deepak: A fellow movie buff or “hardcore movie enthusiast” as he calls himself

38) tadaanails: A lover of animation as well as a nail…enthusiast who often paints animated characters on her nails

39) meeradarjiyr1: An “Ambitious Film Maker” and a reviewer of movies from animation to Bollywood

40) marshall_reviews: A lover and reviewer of movies

41) Merida DunBroch: A fellow lover of animation who aspires to be a cartoon character when she grows up

42) elliekayba: A fellow blogger with passions for animation, adventuring, cooking, and crafts amongst other things

43) Diary of a Chocoholic: A fellow chocoholic 😀 with passions for movies, books, cooking, music, and beauty amongst other things

44) digitalhegemon: A lover of music and film…I think

45) zma752: A reviewer of films, books, TV shows, and CDs amongst other things

46) inkandpaintcorner: A fellow lover of animation with a blog devoted to anything animation-related

47) mymagic100: A fellow lover of Disney with a “To-Do” list of 100 Disney-related items

48) whiteravensoars: A writer with a blog devoted to “random acts of writing”

49) Talent Flush: A blog that deems itself “the most creative blog on earth” and is devoted to anybody with a talent that they’d like to share

50) Kat Moir: One of the founders and reviewers of “Generic Movie Blog UK”

Forgive me if I’ve missed you or described you and your blog erroneously! Let me know and I’ll fix it! Anyway, once again, thanks to you all!


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